Every transaction entered perfectly

For every MINDBODY transaction, FlexBooks creates the correct corresponding transaction in QuickBooks Online.

  • Client Name
  • Sale ID
  • Payment Method
  • Product or Service
  • Tax Amount

Your credit card batch deposits reconciled for you.

FlexBooks uses the MINDBODY Settled Transactions data to automatically batch up your credit card funds into a single QuickBooks Deposit.

This Deposit will match your actual bank deposit to the penny so QuickBooks can automatically match and auto-reconcile them.

Customer accounts in QuickBooks – done right.

When a customer makes a Purchase on Account, FlexBooks creates an Invoice in QuickBooks Online.

When a Payment to Account is made, a QuickBooks Payment is created and automatically connected to the appropriate Invoice.

Automate your MINDBODY bookkeeping & run your business more profitably.

Painless QuickBooks syncing for MINDBODY studios.